New Drop: FC Bayern Basketball 22/23 season

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After a fantastic first Genesis drop last season, this season you can collect the entire FC Bayern Basketball squad (19 players) as well as the new mascot "Ben" and the legendary head coach. This season we are also introducing the "Unique" category for each player - this means that there will be only ONE Collectible.

Why is it worth collecting?

Complete your collections and receive a special Airdrop card as a reward. You will also be entered into a drawing for unique fan experiences with FC Bayern Basketball.

There will be the digital trading cards in five rarity levels - Common (3,000 pieces), Rare (1,000), Epic (500), Legendary (100) & Unique (21). The cards are spread across two different types of Card Packs, containing five and eight cards with the different rarity levels. The Card Packs are priced at seven and 40 Euros respectively. Each pack offers a chance to get one of the five categories, with a naturally differing chance of rare collectibles.

Card holders also have the chance to win exclusive prizes if they have collected their FC Bayern Basketball collection in full by the end of February 2023 (the deadline is Feb. 26) - including signed jerseys and tickets to FCBB games at the Audi Dome. But also Money Can't Buy experiences such as a workout with Othello Hunter, a shooting session with national team player Andi Obst or a real-life Q&A session with Paul Zipser.

Through my close ties to the NBA and my friends who still play in the league, I know how great digital collectibles can be for fans. I'm really happy that my club is already into its second season with its Web3 project.

Paul Zipser, FC Bayern Basketball Forward & Trading Card Collector

What are Digital Collectibles?

Blockchain technology enables the creation of limited digital objects that cannot be copied or shared. These "non-fungible tokens" guarantee authenticity, rarity, and security - a unique, digital one-of-a-kind, so to speak. Another advantage is that digital goods on the blockchain are available for life and exist independently of apps and app stores. As a result, fans actually own their collections of rare trading cards and can also benefit from possible increases in value.

FANZONE gives you the opportunity to own your stars digitally and get access to exclusive content and experiences. Collect your favorite athletes and trade them with countless other fans to complete your collection.

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