Three world champions at Säbener Straße

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Thunderous applause for the world champions: When President Herbert Hainer invited the trio to lunch at the casino after their on-site visit to the pitch, there was spontaneous loud applause from the employees of FC Bayern in the club's restaurant for the Munich basketball world champions. Isaac Bonga, Niels Giffey, and Andreas Obst expressed their gratitude for the warm reception, and Hainer said, "That was not planned and came as a surprise. But it only underscores the greatness of their performance and the sense of togetherness in our club."

Bonga, Giffey, and Obst had watched the training of the record champion on Monday – and in the end, they couldn't resist joining in. The three of them grabbed one of the balls and showcased their soccer skills. Bonga had only on Saturday evening in the "ZDF Sportstudio," cheered on by national team colleagues and head coach Gordon Herbert, sunk two perfectly clean shots during target shooting; now Andi Obst was performing backheel tricks on the pitch at Säbener Straße.

"We are very proud of our trio of world champions"

During the training session, Obst, Bonga, and Giffey had a conversation with Herbert Hainer. "I think it's great that our three basketball world champions have come to Säbener Straße to meet with the footballers," he said, "this World Cup victory is a huge success for German basketball and German sports as a whole: a clear demonstration of what can be achieved with teamwork and team spirit. FC Bayern had the most players in the national team, with three players. We are very proud of our trio of world champions."

After the training session, Joshua Kimmich and Serge Gnabry were the first to offer their congratulations. Just like Thomas Müller and Manuel Neuer, they discussed the fantastic tournament of the German basketball team with Obst, Bonga, and Giffey. Finally, head coach Thomas Tuchel joined in and had a conversation with the world champions.

„It's great to be back in Munich“

"It was very cool to be here, talk to the guys, Herbert Hainer, and Thomas Tuchel, and receive congratulations from them," said Obst. "It's nice to be back in Munich. You realize more and more what you've accomplished. It just makes you proud and happy, not just for yourself but also for what it means to other people and how it's been received in Germany."

The performances at the World Cup have also made an impression on their football colleagues. "We have a lot of basketball fans among the footballers. They know each other and, as athletes, have great mutual respect for each other's achievements," said Hainer. "That's why the footballers have also expressed how great it is that the Germans became world champions, what they've accomplished, and they've shown them great respect."

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