Bayerns defies all setbacks and defeats Villeurbanne 73-65

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What a show of will! The Bayern basketball team defied the recent setbacks with strong character on Thursday and celebrated their sixth win of the season with a 73-65 (39-38) victory over French champion Villeurbanne. Augustine Rubit stood out with 19 points and twelve rebounds.

The FCBB around head coach Andrea Trinchieri were missing, as previously reported, their injured top scorer Hilliard in addition to convalescents Radosevic and Zipser. In addition to this blow, the Munich team was also initially affected by the very limited capacity of the venue, which took some getting used to. The guests led 9-2 and 23-12, while the home team struggled to find its bearings.

One bright point came when Sisko made his comeback after missing seven EuroLeague games. The FCBB found offensive rhythm and brought the score to 36-32 with Munich in front (19th). They pulled away to 58-46 (27th), but Sisko conceded foul number four. In the final quarter, they continued to defend well and controlled the rebounds (37-26).

For the FCBB it goes on one after the other: Saturday night at MBC, Monday against Heidelberg and Thursday against defending champion Efes Istanbul.


FC Bayern Basketball - ASVEL Villeurbanne 73:65 (39:38)


Augustine Rubit (19 Points, 12 Rebounds), Vladimir Lucic (18, 8 Rebounds), Corey Walden (9), Nick Weiler-Babb (9), Deshaun Thomas (7), Zan Mark Sisko (4), Andreas Obst (3), Othello Hunter (2, 6 Rebounds), Ongjen Jaramaz (2).

Topscorer Villeurbanne

Okobo (14 Points)


Sreten Radovic, Jurgis Laurinavicius, Jordi Aliaga



Points per quarter Bayern - Villeurbanne: 12-20, 27-18, 19-16, 15-11.

Stats: Two-point shooting: 64% (FCBB) // 51% (Villeurbanne); Three-point shooting: 22% // 16%; Free-throw shooting: 82% // 68%; Rebounds: 38 // 32; Assists: 9 // 14; Turnovers: 12 // 8.



Andrea Trinchieri, Headcoach FC Bayern Basketball:

"This is a great win with three quarters at the highest level. We needed the first one to understand how to play. It was the first time we played against such tall players who cover the court in an unfamiliar way. But with a great team defense we got this big win, I'm very happy. We had two bad days after Hilliard's injury. Because that's something that had an additional impact besides the basketball part - the rotation and his points - it seemed like the gloom of the situation got the best of us. Because Darrun had blossomed recently and was playing his best ball. We played for him today too, we responded as a team. We wanted to deliver a big game to win. All thoughts are with Darrun, of course, but I also want to congratulate my players for a hell of a performance. (...) It's an extremely complicated season because you always face things you have to respond to.

But the guys play hard and find different ways to win games. After the game at ZSKA I was really sad because we showed a smart game, only the result was missing. (...) I wasn't sure if the ZSKA game, Hilliard's injury and Covid problems would be bigger than our motivation. But that's not how it was and that's why I say: this is a very big victory. (...) With Darrun, there is only one recipe now: no one else can make his cake, but we can divide the cake into pieces and everyone can do part of the job. There will be many opportunities for other players."

Corey Walden: "I made mistakes at the beginning, which made it more difficult. But the coaches told me to just keep at it, then it would work out. And that's how it was. Villeurbanne played really well today. For us, it was important to come out and get a win that puts us in a better position. It's an important win that makes us very happy. Without Darrun Hilliard, it's going to be tough. Filling that void is going to be tough. He gives our team so much toughness, scoring and talent. We have to stick together as a team and compensate for his loss. Get well soon, Darrun!"

Augustine Rubit: "We had to come back after a bitter defeat in Moscow. It felt like we gave the game away and had to get back on track. We came out and fought."

Game recap:

With Corey Walden, Nick Weiler-Babb, Vladimir Lucic, Deshaun Thomas and Augustine Rubit the twelfth-placed team started against the eighth from France. The team of FCBB head coach Andrea Trinchieri had an extremely hard time against the French players, who were much bigger on average but Lucic held his own (9-4/5th minute of the game). Above all, a good acquaintance, James Gist, poured seven points into his last year's team. Trinchieri had seen enough and took the timeout (11-6/6th). The FCBB gained confidence: Sisko came back on the court for the first time after his injury break but the bad shooting of the Bavarians and easy baskets of the guests were not a good combination, the next time-out was due (18-10/9th). After the first quarter, Bayern faced a 20-12 deficit.

Augustine Rubit managed a three-point play, in the following attack Corey Walden even a rather rare four-point play (25-19/12th). The FCBB fought for the connection, but had great problems to somehow compensate for the size advantages of the French champions. Good defense was a tried and tested means that at least secured the double-digit deficit. On offense the Munich team then also found solutions more often and, also thanks to Lucic, the specialist for such situations, brought the team close and equalized at 32-32 (17th). After a timeout by Asvel, Lucic scored the first Bayern lead of the game (33-32/18th). Leader Lucic was so on fire with ten points in a row that forced the opposing coach TJ Parker to take a timeout (36-32/19th). After the second quarter the FCBB were fully in business and were ahead by a razor-thin 39-38.


The Munich team remained fully focused after the break and actually got the chance to pull away from the struggling French. Lucic remained hot, sinking a jumper to make it 45-39 (22nd). Rubit contributed further points to the 8-1 run, time-out Asvel (47-39/23rd). The FCBB had the offense of the guests completely under control while in front the shots fell - Thomas drilled a three-pointer to take a 50-41 lead (25.). Returnee Sisko scored to take a double-digit lead (54-44/26th). Hunter was also on the post and on the offensive rebound with the put-back dunk (58-46/27th). Villeurbanne came back into the game fighting and stopped the streaking Germans who remained without a basket for more than three minutes - 58-54 after 30 minutes.

9-0 run by Bayern leaves Asvel no chance in crunch time

The Munich team got back on track, Jaramaz moved into the zone and scored to make it 62-56 (32nd). Bayern's offensive decisions were not the smartest in this phase and Villeurbanne came threateningly closer (64-63/34th). Walden returned to the court and Thomas took responsibility and looked for the one-on-one - 66-63. Rubit, who had already earned his double-double, forced Asvel to call time-out with a bucket to me make it  68-63 (37th). Heading into crunch time, the defense stood flawlessly, and Rubit was unstoppable up front (70-63/38th). A three-point play from Weiler-Babb was the finishing touch behind the sixth win in the EuroLeague and an important success on the still long way towards the playoffs.


(C) Pahnke, Stickel

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