Bayern clearly defeats Goettingen at home

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The party continues: Only 40 hours after the EuroLeague victory against Bologna (89-81), the Bayern basketball team also clearly kept fourth-placed Goettingen at bay with a final of 105-74. For the 13th win of the season, the Audi Dome was nearly packed with 6,100 fans after the sold-out MMB event on Friday.

The crazed crowd witnessed a smooth game from theTrinchieri team, with the league's best three-point shooting team to date being allowed just nine long-distance buckets.

Winston ends as top scorer

51 points at halftime with 80 percent from two was a nice way to start. A clear advantage in rebounds left no doubts early on leading to a 57-41 lead (22nd). Niklas Wimberg secured the first triple-digit score at 100:71 (39th) and six players scored in double figures (top: Winston/16) . As a team they managed 25 assists.

In addition to the injured trio Lucic, Obst and Harris, Hunter and Weiler-Babb also took a break in view of the busy schedule with Valencia (Tue.), Barcelona (Thu.) and Bonn (Sun., 20:30/Audi Dome).

Tickets vs Bonn

FC Bayern München Basketball - BG Goettingen 105-74


Cassius Winston (16 Points), Corey Walden (14), D.J. Seeley (13/4 Threes), Ognjen Jaramaz (12), Isaac Bonga (11), Augustine Rubit (10/5 Rebounds), Niels Giffey (9), Niklas Wimberg (9/5 Assists), Freddie Gillespie (9/11 Rebounds), Paul Zipser (2/5 Rebounds), Nick Weiler-Babb (dnp).

Top scorer Goettingen:

Rayshaun Hammonds (16 Points)


Robert Lottermoser, Nicholas Brendel, Andreas Bohn



Score per quarter Bayern - Goettingen: 23-22, 28-17, 26-19, 28-16.

Stats:  Two-point shooting: 77 % (FCBB) // 47 % (Goettingen); Three-point shooting: 40 % // 33 %; Free-throw shooting: 88 % // 78 %; Rebounds: // Assists: 25 // 13; Turnovers: 12 // 13

Niklas Wimberg with a strong game
Niklas Wimberg with a strong game (Photo: Stickel)


Andrea Trinchieri: "We played exactly right, with good attitude and lessons learned from past mistakes. We divided the minutes, controlled the game on offense and defense. On offense we we very effective (...) Each of the ten players used had at least one assist and scored, it was all very solid. We rebounded well. They were the best team in the BBL from three - except for a few individual mistakes we did a good job there.

I'm especially happy about two players. One is Izzy Bonga: we talked yesterday, as a basketball player he is still a kid. He doesn't show his emotions, but he really wants to play better. He had a tough month, but that was to be expected because it's the first time he's had so many games at such a high level. (...) I'm also happy about Niklas Wimberg, who knows how to play basketball but is sometimes too friendly. He wanted to be substituted because he was tired - 'no way!', I said. And then he had two assists, two blocks and a three-pointer. (...)

We played late on Friday, afterwards there was a concert and it was sold out - nevertheless it was full again today. That's great, thanks to everyone. (...)

Elias Harris is out for a while. It's a serious injury, but not quite as serious as we thought. The good thing is that he will be back to help us. It's sad, of course, because he played great (against Bologna). He's a microwave, he can deliver his energy right off the bench. Now Wimberg has his chance - I hope he won't ask for a substitution."

D.J. Seeley: "Those were two great wins in a row, we have to keep that energy up. The fact that we practiced today - about 40 hours after Friday's game - before the game, that's really tough; people don't see that. But as a player, you have to appreciate that and deliver it for these victories. We have to give it our all in Spain, too, and keep doing what we've been doing lately to get road wins."

Roel Moors, Coach Goettingen: "I can be brief today: Congratulations to Bayern, they dominated the whole game today. What's disappointing for me as a coach is that the team that played 36 hours ago - a difficult, an important game - had the most energy today. That they have more quality is no secret, but that they also played with much more energy today, that's very disappointing. You can see the odds when you look at the two-on-two ratio alone - that says a lot about the aggressiveness that was missing from us. Bayern played very maturely and also didn't have to use so much energy because they already have another important game in 48 hours."

Game recap:

Cassius Winston, D.J. Seeley, Isaac Bonga, Augustine Rubit and Freddie Gillespie started at the behest of FCBB coach Andrea Trinchieri. After a rather leisurely start and some ball turnovers, Seeley delighted the fans with his first BBL points on his return to the Audi Dome - a fine four-point play to tie the game at 6-6. Bayern  flipped the switch it seemed and streaked to an 11-0 run that obviously pleased the fans (13-6/4th). Goettingen, well rested after a 14-day break, played well and went on a 7-0 run of their own which Walden stopped with a free throw (14-13/7th). Jaramaz provided fresh energy - and points, five in a row for Bayern to make it 19-17 (9th). After an entertaining first quarter, the FCBB led 23-22.

Winston takes over

In the second quarter Bayern really got hot and driven by Winston they got going with a 10-2 run that forced Goettingen coach Roel Moors to call a timeout (33-25/13th). Munich's defense played stoutly but the duo of Geno Crandall and Mark Smith was difficult to stop, time-out FCBB (34-30/14th). The guests got into early foul trouble which made driving to the basket the naem of the game and Rubit sank the free throws. Bonga gave Bayern its first double-digit lead after a good pass from Gillespie (44-34/18th). After 20 minutes, the FCBB had things under control thanks to a balanced, team performance 51-39.

Everything under control

Bayern continued their focused performance of the first half and kept their opponents at bay with strong defense and a controlled offense (63-47/24th). When things didn't work out on the first shot Gillespie was there with the offensive rebound. After two threes by Walden, Goettingen's next timeout was spent (69-52/26th). In view of Bayern's commanding performance on the floor, the cheering from the stands could be toned down a bit, and the fans started the wave instead that swept around the hall creating an exuberant atmosphere on the family game day. Jaramaz increased the lead to 20 points from the free throw line (74-54/29th) and Giffey contributed another beautiful three-pointer - 77-58 after the third quarter.

Wimberg makes it 100

Seely's third three-pointer opened the final quarter as Bayern showed no fatigue while Coach Trinchieri distributed the playing time as evenly as possible on all shoulders. Moors didn't like what he was seeing from his team and after Wimberg's three-pointer made it 89-63 he took a timeout. Trinchieri, on the other hand, was fittingly satisfied, because his team was playing selfless and fast-paced basketball. When Paul Zipser scored to make it 94-68 and he received a particularly loud ovation. Not only because it was Zipser but also because all the players on the FCBB side had thus scored. The fans rose to their feet and celebrated a great win.

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