Bayern goes up 1-0 in front of 6,100 fans

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The Bayern-Basketball team won their first playoff game of 2023 as Andrea Trinchieri's team defeated BG Goettingen in the first quarterfinal matchup, 87-67. They now lead 1-0 in the best-of-five series.

In front of almost 6,100 fans in the Audi Dome, the balanced FCBB found a good energy level as Weiler-Babb (15), Winston (13), Cheatham (12), Giffey and Bonga (10 each) scored in double digits.

Game two on Father's day

Game 2 will be played in 45 hours at the Audi Dome, starting at 18:00. On Sunday, the series moves to Goettingen (15:00).

The Cup winner started hot (21-14/10th) and held a stead lead despite a small problem with turnovers. The boards were owned by Bayern and this helped take a 59-40 lead (26th) and Trinchieri's troops took the game convincingly in the second half.

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FC Bayern Basketball – BG Goettingen 87-67


Nick Weiler-Babb (15 Points, 3 Threes), Cassius Winston (13), Zylan Cheatham (12, 9 Rebounds), Niels Giffey (10, 8 Rebounds), Isaac Bonga (10), Corey Walden (8), Freddie Gillespie (8, 6 Rebounds), Andreas Obst (6, 5 Assists), Niklas Wimberg (3), Elias Harris (2), Ognjen Jaramaz, D.J. Seeley (DNP).

Goettingen's top scorer

Mark Smith (16 Points)


Moritz Reiter, Carsten Straube, Steve Bittner



Scorer per quarter Bayern - Goettingen: 21-14, 23-22, 22-14, 21-17.

Stats: Two-point shooting: 57% (FCBB) // 52% (Goettingen); Three-point shooting: 48% // 26%; Free-throw shooting: 80% // 83%; Rebounds: 38 // 26; Assists: 23 // 12; Turnovers: 13 // 11.


Munich head coach, Andrea Trinchieri:

"This is a win, it's 1-0. It was very important for us to start well in the series. Now we start from zero in the next game within 48 hours. We have to be focused again. I didn't like a few little things, but as a team we worked well. Sometimes we didn't communicate well, but the energy level, rebounding and sharing the ball was very important. Fortunately, Obst's injury seems to be just a bruise. (...)

Our goal today was to try to play good team basketball and take the first step. Our attitude was very good, we controlled the boards very well, the 38 to 26 rebounds were very important. We had a good contribution from our bigs, they gave us good screens and offense. On defense we controlled their guards, Smith was a factor only in the first half. (...)

 Jare is one of the best players on the court that I know. I will be by my player's side, because there was no intent. He is a great person and a great professional. It looked bad and I think with the referees' decision, which I don't want to complain about at all, he's punished completely enough. It was definitely not his goal to commit a bad foul."

Niels Giffey: "The game went very well for us in the first half. The energy level was high with all of us, and that's the most important thing now in a game like this, that we go into a game like this extremely motivated, then you can also deal with mistakes and setbacks better. We held together well and showed a clear plan. We have to play with fastbreaks, move the ball and create for each other from the game plan. Then it's always exciting to see who then becomes the game-changing player, and it's not the same one in every game. We always have to look for the hot man."

Goettingen head coach, Roel Moors: "Congratulations on a very deserved win. Of course, our lineup is limited. The intensity was there, but you have to take away the second chances. The difference was eleven points, we have three, four situations where we defend well for 22 seconds and then forget someone. That's a mindset, that's six points again. We have two, three situations where we don't foul. All that together - if we want to have a better result, if we want to keep up, everything has to be perfect. We also need more players more offense, that was not enough today. But a very deserved win for Bayern."

Niels Giffey
Niels Giffey (Photo: Stickel)

Game recap:

Isaac Bonga. Nick Weiler-Babb, Andreas Obst, Niklas Wimberg and Freddie Gillespie were in the starting five for the opening game of the 2023 playoffs, which was eagerly awaited by FCBB fans in the Audi Dome. Weiler-Babb scored the first quarterfinal points, a three-pointer to take the lead 3-2 (1st minute of play). The FCBB were defensively committed and cleared the rebounds, and managed to score as well, taking an 11-3 lead after just under four minutes. However, then the offensive flow  stalled and it wasn't until three minutes later that Winston scored a three-pointer to make it 14-9 (7th). The Munich team regained its rhythm through defense, which led to a promising 21-14 lead after the first ten minutes of play.

Bayern doesn't give up the lead

To start the second Bayern had some nicely designed, open shots but failed to make points out of them. Goettingen took advantage with a 7-0 run to tie it up at 21-21. The FCBB reacted well and Obst increased the lead to 30-23 (14th) with a three-point play. The guests, who were clearly as motivated for a win as the home team, put a strain on the Munich team by hitting three-pointers from very long range and stayed in the game - time-out Trinchieri (32-28/16th). Giffey and Weiler-Babb delivered important buckets and the lead held - much to the delight of the fans in red, 41-35 (18th). At halftime Munich was in the lead 44-36.

Weiler-Babb takes off

Bayern needed 18 seconds after the change of ends for their first double-digit lead (46-36/21th). In the best phase of the game so far Munich put its stamp on the game as Weiler-Babb seized the initiative and scored seemingly at will. Goettingen coach Roel Moors took the timeout after Wimberg sank a three-pointer from the corner for a 16-point lead (56:40/25th). Bayern could afford some carelessness on offense because the defense was simply dominant. BG scored mainly on fastbreaks but were unable to catch up (59-46/28th). After the third quarter Bayern had the matter under control and led quite comfortably 66-50.

Fruit receives blow to the knee

BG looked battered and made it too easy for Bayern on offense. With a 7-0 run, the FCBB pulled away to more than 20 points ahead (73-52/33rd). Freddie Gillespie kept himself warm cycling behind the Munich bench but could just watch as his teammates were doing a very decent job on the floor without him (75-56/35th). The Goettingen cheered on their team unconditionally and, in unison with the Bayern fans, created a great atmosphere in the Audi Dome. A moment of shock was caused by the injury-related absence of Obst, who left the court limping. Bayern remained calm though and Cassius Winston cemented the clear lead with five points in a row to 80-63 (38th). The fans rose appreciatively and celebrated the first victory, which was thoroughly deserved and at no time in danger.

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