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Performance figures for your FC Bayern stars in real time

Fans now have the opportunity to follow the game in a way that was never possible before. With the Audi Player Index, a revolutionary analytical tool which takes into account positions, location and game-specific data in real time, it is now possible to evaluate the individual performance of the players. Regular updates, match graphics and competitions can also be found at

Match actions

The individual actions captured are divided into 86 different categories and evaluated according to 3 different criteria:

  • Player‘s position in the system of play
  • Location of the event on the field of play
  • Match-specific importance of the action


Data capture

  • Up to 2.000 relevant actions per match are captured live
  • Values collected are converted into data feeds
  • These feeds are supplied to Audi as a pure data record


Data transfer

  • Near real time conversion of the data feed into a predefined score system
  • Every player/team then receives a corresponding score
  • Near real time actions flow into the Audi Player Index within a matter of seconds


Audi Player Index

  • The result can be presented in a wide variety of ways
  • The Audi Player Index is supplied on various channels almost in real time
  • The Audi Player Index therefore also provides scope for watching the match live on a second screen