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The Audi Player Index is an innovative player performance rating system in soccer that uses a data based model to record nearly every performance relevant action on the field.

86 different components, and up to 2,000 registered and evaluated player actions per match are live collected.


  • Audi has entered a new era of data-based performance analysis in football with the Audi Player Index (API). The aim of the Audi Player Index was to offer a new, more objective means of player analysis and in that way also to develop a new method for deciding the “man of the match.


  • Nearly each action on the field is rated according to:

    • The amount of positive or negative impact on the team’s success
    • The position of the player and key tasks
    • The place (zone) on the field where the action takes place


  • Player data is collected using OPTA, one of the world's leading live, detailed sports data providers. Three expert analysts cover each match:

    • one collects all of the home team actions
    • one covers the away team
    • one analyst checks the data for consistency and adds additional layers of data

    OPTA data is then fed through the Audi Player Index scoring filter to generate the player’s score.


  • Penalty saved by a player – 335 points.

    Goal scored from outside the box by a midfielder– 545 points.


  • Yes. Actions such as failed passes, or lost tackle result in negative scoring.


  • When a goal keeper commits an error leading to a goal, 375 points are removed from his score.


  • The Audi Player Index is updated continuously throughout match play.


  • The Audi Player Index was developed in 2015 by Audi AG for the Audi Cup and is now gradually being introduced at the partner clubs.