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FC Bayern maintains close links with a huge network of official fan clubs. No other club in Germany boasts as many registered fan club members as the nation's most successful club.

As of January 10th 2022, there are 4,426 FC Bayern Fan Clubs worldwide, including 358,333 registered FC Bayern fans. They're based in every corner of Germany and around the globe, from China to Mombasa and from the Philippines to India.

Information about fan club foundation

The online registration of your fan club, the entry in our official fan club register as well as the later online administration of your fan club data are not connected with any costs. Fan clubs can be founded with a minimum membership of 25 people. Membership in FC Bayern eV is not mandatory. The minimum age of the chairperson is 18 years.

The Café Gisela in the FC Bayern Erlebniswelt offers itself as a historical place for the foundation of a fan club! More information can be found here.

We trust that you, as a registered FC Bayern fan club, will support us fairly and help shape our club's image positiviely through your actions. It goes without saying that we expect our fan clubs and their members to feel obligated to respect the values and principles laid out in the FC Bayern München eV statutes, and if in doubt to enforce them.

Benefits of an official fan club

  • It is possible to produce fan club articles with a fan club logo, which may contain the FC Bayern logo, after approval by the Fan and Fan club Service Department. In the online fan club administration, the chairman receives all necessary information for the creation of fan club logos and the production of fan club articles.
  • In general, official fan clubs have the possibility to apply for the fan club program, a ticket program especially for our fan clubs. Due to the high demand, only a limited number of fan clubs can participate in this program.
  • In the case of ticket enquiries for home games, the processing fees are not charged and you only pay the postage if the enquiry has been made via one of the (maximum) four persons entitled to order. Current and general information on ticket orders can be found here.
  • For charitable purposes and for special occasions we provide official fan clubs with a limited range of small fan articles.
  • All fan club members receive a 10% discount on orders placed in our online fan shop (with the exception of already reduced articles).

You can set up your fan club here!

If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail at fanclubs@fcbayern.com or by telephone at +49 89 699 31-0, Monday to Friday between 08.00 am and 5.00 pm (CET).

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