FC Bayern is joining Sorare

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FC Bayern Munich is always looking ahead, at the forefront of innovation, to offer our fans new experiences. That’s why we’ve decided to join Sorare’s unique fantasy football game. It’s global, it’s a 5-a-side game, and you can earn prizes every week.

Football fans have been collecting physical cards for decades. Now they can start collecting in the digital world with Sorare cards. Each card is unique and backed by blockchain technology.

Why play Sorare?

Sorare is a unique fantasy football game that is global. The top 20 leagues in the world are available on Sorare and people all around the world can play. People play Sorare because they love:

  • Making new friends that are passionate about global football
  • Scouting players and cheap cards that can become the next big things
  • Fantasy Managers can win rewards every week (new cards and ether)

As the game is new, playing Sorare is embarking on the bold adventure of reinventing fantasy football and card collecting.

How do I play Sorare?

When you sign-in to Sorare for the first time, you are offered to participate in a transfer market. You will get virtual money so that you can pick a starting squad of 10 player cards (common) which you can then create your first tournament team with.

Sorare is a 5-a-side football game. You’ll need to decide what league to compete in, build a team of 5, choose the best tactic with these cards, and your captain.

If you’re looking for some video information here, here’s a great fan-based introduction.

Tutorial (English) | Tutorial (Germen) 

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