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Hans Jörg Butt:

‘Our rivalry is limited to the football pitch’

Whenever Hans Jörg Butt took possession of the ball on Thursday morning, it was dangerous – especially for the watching public, as the FCB number two keeper’s shooting was a trifle wayward to say the least. However, the only victim was a window blind on the outside of the ServiceCenter, and the shot-stopper personally repaired the minor damage after the training session.

Following a doping control, a shower and lunch, Butt himself became a target when he sat down to face questions from The 34-year-old, a summer arrival at the club from Benfica, reviewed his first six months at Bayern, discussed his approach to the number two job, and explained his relationship with Michael Rensing.

Interview: Hans Jörg Butt Jörg, you’re halfway through winter training. How’s it going?
Butt: “Very well. We’ve worked hard and I feel fit, although most of the training methods here are new to me.“ In what way?
Butt: “We’ve done far fewer long stamina-building runs than I’m used to, working much harder on footballing aspects. After all, you’re always changing pace during a match. I saw this trend when I was with Leverkusen and Lisbon, but it’s been optimised here at Bayern. I used to do practically all the runs with the squad, but the exercises here are much more focused on specific goalkeeper needs. For example, we’ve worked intensively on our reactions. I think it’s really, really good. Now I can’t wait for the action to restart. It’ll be exciting and demanding for all of us.“ How would you assess your first six months in Munich?
Butt: “I’ve settled very fast. The family found a house nice and quickly, and we’re extremely happy here in Munich. In sporting terms, the team’s developed well after a tough start. So it’s very positive, although obviously I’d have liked more games.“ You’ve only played in friendlies so far. How much are you looking forward to your first competitive outing?
Butt: “More and more with every passing week. It’s not easy, as I’ve always been the number one before, but this is different and a challenge. You have to be ready at all times, without knowing when the day might come.“ How do you stay motivated?
Butt: “I’m at the very best club in Germany, so every training session is a challenge, the quality is incredibly high, and I’ve never seen such a balanced squad. I think we could be very successful in the near future. And I’m certain my time will come.“