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Michael Rensing:

'Wolfsburg matters just as much as Barca'

Michael Rensing already knows all about Wolfsburg strike duo Grafite and Edin Dzeko. The pair fired the Wolves into an early 2-0 lead against Bayern at the Allianz Arena last autumn, in a match the home side went on to win 4-2. Saturday marks the next showdown, with 18-goal Grafite and 13-goal Dzeko as the league’s top strike pair, ably supported by the Bundesliga’s best provider, Zvjzdan Misimovic on 15 assists.

Rensing could be a busy man in Wolfsburg at the weekend. Ahead of the clash between the sides who are dead level in second, spoke to the Bayern shot-stopper about the pivotal encounter, ex-boss Felix Magath, and former team-mate Misimovic.

Interview: Michael Rensing: Michael, VfL Wolfsburg have the most potent forward line in the league. Do you look forward to this kind of challenge?
Rensing: “Wolfsburg are very, very dangerous up front, but if the rest of the team does its job, I won’t have much to do. Whatever, I still have to be prepared for a busy afternoon. It can happen at any time. No-one thought I’d have much to do at home to Köln, but they created five or six clear-cut chances.“ How are you preparing for Saturday?
Rensing: “Exactly the same as for any match. It’s important to be fit, fresh, and have a good feeling beforehand. As usual, I’ll sit down with Walter Junghans. We’ll watch some videos of our opponents – how they take their penalties, how they make their chances.“ Are Wolfsburg realistic title candidates?
Rensing: “Wolfsburg are definitely a surprise package. If they keep it up, they can remain there or thereabouts. Saturday’s game is crucial for both teams, but it’s not a title decider. There are still too many games to go. We need to take at least a point – a point at the very least. We respect Wolfsburg, but we’re not overawed.“ VfL boss Felix Magath insists his side can’t win the league.
Rensing: “He’s saying that deliberately. If he said they could win the title, expectations would rise. He’s taking the pressure off his team. I believe Wolfsburg will qualify for Europe. Anything higher than fourth would be a bonus for them, although obviously, Felix Magath has the title in the back of his mind.“