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Renewed purpose

Team spirit at root of Bundesliga recovery

There were a number of contributory factors to Bayern’s 3-0 win away to Hannover at the weekend. The strikers have begun putting away their chances. The match was staged on Sunday, the day of the week on which FCB have now not lost 27 times in a row. But probably the most important reason of them all is a renewed sense of togetherness and unity at the club.

“The team worked for and helped each other,” said vice-captain Philipp Lahm after Munich returned to winning ways following three consecutive Bundesliga draws. “We played as a unit. We fought for each other and ran for each other,” said Thomas Müller, a thought echoed by Daniel van Buyten: “It was a real team performance.” It is unlikely anyone in the FCB camp would have deviated from that line if quizzed later in the evening.