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Bayern in India

Prestige friendly to boost brand awareness

The flight from Doha to New Delhi only lasts two-and-a-half hours, but in reality, the emirate where FCB spent a week in training, and India, where the men from Munich take on the Indian national team in the AUDI Football Summit on Tuesday evening (local time), are worlds apart. The luxury and order of Qatar contrasts strongly with the bustling chaos of the subcontinent.

There is a wealth gap too. Qatari citizens boast a per capita income of approximately US$80,000, one of the highest in the world, but the comparable figure for India is approximately Rs.50,000, or around €775. There are, of course, incomparably more citizens: India's population is some 1.2 billion, compared to the relatively tiny state of Qatar at 1.7 million.

There was an understandable culture shock for the Bayern stars after they landed in the nation with the second largest population in the world at 4.30 pm local time on Monday afternoon, before transferring by bus at a crawl through the permanently jammed streets of Delhi in the direction of their team hotel.