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Heynckes announces Bundesliga farewell

Former world-class striker Jupp Heynckes has an astonishing 1,009 Bundesliga matches under his belt in a near 50-year career as a player and coach, but even he has yet to experience the sensation of a shower in Bavarian Weissbier after a Bayern title triumph. He did lead FCB to championship glory in 1989 and 1990, but the trademark beer showers only came into fashion a decade or so later.

So Heynckes is set for a new experience on Saturday, when FCB take delivery of the championship shield following their last home fixture of the season against Augsburg. Or will the coach be spared? “I'll take it as it comes," said the 68-year-old on Friday, as the most senior boss in the league is clearly ambivalent about this particular method of celebration. “I'll think of something, during the match or at half-time," he said, in the context of how he might avoid a drenching.

Melancholy mood

Whatever actually happens, the clash with FCA will definitely be Heynckes’ last at the Allianz Arena as Bayern coach - his final three matches in charge are in Mönchengladbach, London and Berlin. “Naturally, it'll be a nostalgic occasion," reflected Thursday's birthday boy, “I'll just enjoy the fantastic crowd, the atmosphere and the occasion."