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Injured Badstuber revels in Trentino stay

The crowd of reporters and cameramen were focused completely on the training ground. What's Pep Guardiola saying? Is Arjen Robben in decent form? Almost unnoticed, even though he was positioned just a few yards away along the security fence, Holger Badstuber monitored the training drills, physically only separated from his team-mates by the wire barrier, but in reality a lot further away then that. Just two months after a second cruciate ligament injury, the prospect of playing again is still only a long-term vision for the defender.

“There are no deadlines," explained the 24-year-old, who appears in upbeat spirits at the training camp despite his difficult personal situation. “It'll all be okay again," he declared, “apart from the cruciate, there’s no other damage to the knee." He has doctors’ guarantees for that, and has “not once" feared his career might be prematurely over: “I'm not in the slightest bit worried. The best doctors are looking after me."