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The way it should be

Stars impressed by passionate Bayern fans

Whatever happens in the course of the season, Friday night in Prague will remain a highlight for everyone connected with Bayern. The players sealed the club’s first-ever UEFA Super Cup triumph, issuing another footballing message around Europe. But the fans in red and white sent out an equally impressive signal with their unceasing, relentless and vocal support. “It was outstanding, unbelievable," said FCB president Uli Hoeneß, “the fans made a decisive contribution to this fantastic success. Just like the team, they went beyond the pain barrier."

The players, the coaching staff and the directors were thrilled. “They were singing, singing and singing some more. Super, super, super!" reacted Pep Guardiola, blown away by the exceptional support. “That's exactly the way it should be," added Hoeneß, “we were behind twice, but even then the only fans you could hear were ours." The club president also praised the travelling supporters’ disciplined behaviour: “As we all saw, it can be done without fireworks!"

Long before kick-off, the Munich supporters had filled their end of the stadium, getting in the mood for the European showdown, and greeting the team with a memorable choreographed display. A huge banner showing FCB's silverware from last season also conveyed the message Oana passt no nei!, Bavarian dialect for “room for one more." The players respected the fans’ wishes and claimed the trophy, “so it's a successful evening all round," Hoeneß concluded.