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Banquet speech

Rummenigge: Don’t be down-hearted

At around midnight in Madrid Karl-Heinz Rummenigge officially opened the banquet Bayern traditionally stage after Champions League away matches. The coaching and playing staff, guests of honour and sponsors listened intently to the FCB chairman, who was in bullish mood despite the defeat to Real earlier in the evening. We reproduce Rummenigge’s speech in full:

“Ladies and gentlemen,

This evening we were witnesses to an unbelievably interesting, emotional and very intense Champions League match. Obviously, losing 1–0 isn’t the result we wanted, but I’m far from thinking it can’t be put right. I think Munich will be burning with passion when it comes to the return match next Tuesday. We’ll have 70,000 people getting behind the team.


We’ll all have to support and push the team so that Real Madrid realise: it’ll be hard in Munich! As I’ve said, it wasn’t the result we were looking for. But I believe we can still do it and make it to Lisbon. We must all get behind the team!

Lads, I have one thing to tell you: I got up out of my seat in the VIP box after the match and my impression was that the Real Madrid bosses weren’t happy. They know what they can expect in Munich on Tuesday. Their trip to Dortmund was still a comfortable prospect by comparison. We’ll show them that Bayern Munich have real quality at home, and it’ll remind them a bit of hell. We and the fans will push you along.

Lads, don’t be down-hearted! A defeat is never good, and we shouldn’t play it down. But a defeat is always as valuable as the way you react - and you’ll show the right reaction next Tuesday! I wish you all a very good evening.”