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Weissbier shower

Pep learns Bavarian art of celebrating

While Pep Guardiola was still quietly contemplating the scene following the team photo with the championship shield, Jérôme Boateng sprinted forward, caught the boss on the blind side and drenched him with his inaugural Bavarian Weissbier shower. Daniel van Buyten and Manuel Neuer each added another three litres of the Paulaner brew shortly afterwards. The coach stoically accepted the inevitable ‘punishment’. So how was it Pep? “I’m delighted,” the freshly-showered Guardiola told the press conference, “the beer was cold and it stung my eyes. But now I’ve showered it’s OK.“

Once captain Philipp Lahm had taken delivery of the league trophy and hoisted it aloft at quarter to six, the party started in earnest out on the Allianz Arena pitch. The Weißbier rained down, the stars’ kids came out to be with their fathers, and the crowd chanted their heroes’ names. Ever inventive, Guardiola deployed the trophy as a form of umbrella against the next wave of beer showers.

The soaking-wet Spaniard even accidentally dropped the famous shield, which fortunately remained undamaged. “The shield is beautiful but also very heavy,” he explained with a grin: “The first championship is very special for a Catalan such as myself.“ It seems highly unlikely he will remain dry for the rest of the long evening...