Allianz Arena shines in a new light

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What a colourful spectacle! The Allianz Arena will glow in new, even more vibrant splendour for the Bundesliga opener against Hamburger SV on Friday at 20.30 CET. On Wednesday evening the German record champions inaugurated the stadium's new lighting system together with Philips, the official light partner of FC Bayern Munich.

"Our goal was to expand the already unique architecture of the Allianz Arena," said FC Bayern marketing director Andreas Jung during the presentation on Wednesday evening. Up to now the façade of Bayern's home could display three colours. Thanks to the innovative Philips system it will be 16 million colours in the future. "We can light the façade dynamically. That's what's so special," added Jung.

With the new lighting system the Allianz Arena will be Europe's biggest – and Germany's first – stadium with a comprehensive exterior LED lighting. More than 300,000 LEDs make the membrane cushions of the stadium appear three-dimensional over an area of 26,000 square metres. In addition the new technology saves more than 60 percent in energy and 362 tons of CO2 per year.

The new blaze of colour can be seen for the first time at the Bundesliga opener on Friday. "Our fans will discover the new possibilities of lighting in the coming 2015-16 season. At the same time we and Philips will stress the dynamics of the matches with light effects inside the arena," commented Jung. A foretaste of the new effect lighting in the façade roof was seen during the 2015 Audi Cup. It will accompany events on the pitch dynamically, for instance with Mexican Wave and goal celebration effects in red and white.

"The new lighting will emotionalise the 'Allianz Arena experience' before, during and after games. The crowd and the TV audience will see a unique lighting atmosphere," said Philips Lighting CEO Roger Karner. Allianz Arena chairman Jürgen Muth is very happy too: "With the new Philips lighting system we conclusively state where the German record champions are at home, for the fans as well as in the international competition among the clubs and their stadiums." The façade will shine red or white in a new brilliance on matchdays at home or away.

6,500 fixtures, 5,000 metres of cable

The new Philips system is a technological revolution in terms of sustainability and efficiency. The savings by using LEDs are achieved compared to other fluorescent lamp solutions. At the same time the maintenance and operating costs decrease: the LEDs average a lifespan of 80,000 operating hours. The system is eminently durable and flexible in use, even in case of extreme conditions such as temperatures of 50 degrees below zero.

The conversion began in October 2014. Façade climbers installed more than 6,500 compact ColorGraze lighting fixtures – more often than not in dizzying heights of up to 25 metres. More than 45 tons of material have been installed, including more than 7.5 kilometres of lath-shaped high tech lighting fixtures and more than 5,000 metres of cable for digital control. From now on the *Star of the South*will shine more spectacularly than ever.


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