‘Rock star? I’d like to be Axl Rose.’

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A life without music is almost unimaginable for many people. That's why we're asking Bayern players (ir)regularly: What's up? Starting with Thiago.

 Even in faraway China nothing happens without good music – at least for Thiago. "Music means everything to me," explained the Spaniard in conversation with, "it always reflects my current situation. Sometimes it makes me happy but it can also make me sad. One thing's certain: It's always present in my life."

Thiago's first record was by the Gorillaz ('Clint Eastwood' ,' Rock The House'), a virtual band from Great Britain that combined influences from hip hop, rock, Britpop, trip hop and Latin to produce a completely new sound. The mastermind of the group is rock star Damon Albarn who became famous in the 1990s as the front man with the British rock band Blur. "When I was at school I listened to music in English lessons to learn the language and that was the first CD that the teacher presented to us. It was great motivation," explained Thiago.

The young Thiago came into contact with music through his father. "We listened to a lot of music when he used to drive me to training: Guns N' Roses, Queen or Brazilian music… It always depended on the particular moment. My father always found the right music for different situations. I'm like that too." Thiago often listens to tunes from the 1980s, above all 'rock songs’ but the Spaniard also says he likes Frank Sinatra a lot.

Sing it like Axl

 If Thiago is away with friends than the loudspeakers are tested to the maximum for their volume output. "I really like to dance above all to fast, modern music," explained the Spaniard. The tunes Thiago plays also depend on the time of year: "In the summer, when it's hot and I'm out and about a lot, I listen to different music than I do in the winter. Then the mood is more moderate. If I'm alone and want to think then the music's quieter."

As a football player, known throughout the world, Thiago is obviously at home on the global stage even if he performs on the turf of the different stadiums. But who would the midfielder like to swap places with if he could be centre stage at a concert? "Perhaps, Axl Rose," said the Spaniard without having to think very long. Rose has lots to do at the moment: The American is not only the front man in Guns N' Roses but he also is the singer with AC/DC since 2016…

These five songs are currently top of Thiago's playlist:

 1. Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child o' Mine ("A classic")
2. Eminem – Till I Collapse ("I like to listen to it before games.")
3. Grupo Revelaçao – Ta escrito ("A very jolly song.")
4. Maria Gadu – Altar particular ("Perfect for relaxing.")
5. Bruno Mars – Gorilla ("My favourite song at the moment.")

By the way: The official Apple Music profile for FC Bayern contains players' playlists – including the dressing room hits of the record champions. David Alaba has also compiled his personal favourites for you. Give it a listen!


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