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A glimpse into the future with Georg "Katsche" Schwarzenbeck

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Without Georg Schwarzenbeck’s goal in the 1974 European Cup final against Atlético Madrid, the history of our club would be different. To celebrate “Katsche’s” 75th birthday, we did an experiment and spoke with the artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT about Schwarzenbeck and his historic achievement: what does the technology of tomorrow know about our hero from yesterday and for all time?

The interview with ChatGPT

Apparently you know about every topic. Is that true?
As an artificial intelligence language model, I have been trained with an infinite amount of information and can therefore provide texts on a wide range of topics. However, it is not correct to say that I know everything about everything. I may not be familiar with certain topics or may not have enough information to give a comprehensive answer.

And how about football?
Football is one of the most popular and widespread sports in the world, with millions of players and fans in different countries and cultures.

Why is Hans-Georg Schwarzenbeck an important figure in football history?
He played as a defender for FC Bayern Munich and won numerous titles in his career. The defining moment of Hans-Georg Schwarzenbeck’s career was probably his goal in the 1974 European Cup final between Bayern Munich and Atlético Madrid. At 1-0 down in extra time, Schwarzenbeck scored the equaliser for Bayern Munich with a powerful long-distance shot and forced a replay, which Bayern went on to win 4-0.


Where does the nickname “Katsche” come from?
There are different versions of the story of how Georg Schwarzenbeck got his nickname, but it’s generally accepted that his father gave him the nickname “Katsche” when he was a child because of his large hands.

What did Schwarzenbeck do after his career?
After finishing his career as a professional footballer, he worked as a sports journalist and TV commentator and worked for FC Bayern as a youth coach.

Are you sure?
I must apologise for my mistake – as far as I know, Georg Schwarzenbeck did not work as a sports journalist, TV commentator or youth coach.

That’s right, he ran a stationery shop in Munich for 28 years. What does that say about him?
That he was content with his football career and didn’t need to remain in the spotlight. It shows his down-to-earth character and that he’s much more than a footballer.

Georg Schwarzenbeck, FC Bayern
As well as the World Cup with Germany in 1974, Schwarzenbeck also won the European Cup three times (73/74, 74/75, 75/76). © Künstliche Intelligenz / KI

He provided Bayern with office supplies for many years.
That shows Schwarzenbeck’s strong connection to FC Bayern Munich – and the role the club plays in his life. He feels bound to support the club in any possible way.

In 1974, Bayern players Beckenbauer, Maier, Müller, Hoeneß, Breitner and Schwarzenbeck won the World Cup as well as the Bundesliga and European Cup. What marks this generation out?
The German national team of 1974, to which six FC Bayern Munich players belonged, is considered one of the greatest football teams of all time. As well as their strong team spirit, the prolific attack led by Gerd Müller and the solid defence, they stood out above all through their tactical flexibility. Coach Helmut Schön adapted the playing style and tactics of the German side to each opponent, which enabled them to beat teams with different styles of play.

With which current players would you compare Schwarzenbeck?
Every player has his own strengths and weaknesses, which makes a direct comparison difficult. In regards to their defensive abilities and reading of the game, players like Sergio Ramos, Virgil van Dijk and Giorgio Chiellini bear similarities with Georg Schwarzenbeck.

Georg Schwarzenbeck, FC Bayern
Career after the career: Schwarzenbeck ran a stationery shop in Munich for almost three decades. © Künstliche Intelligenz / KI

These days football fans like to sing personal chants for their heroes. How would the first verse on Schwarzenbeck go?
Georg Schwarzenbeck, Georg Schwarzenbeck, the best we ever had. In red colours he’s honoured, our hero on the pitch.

Can you imagine how it feels to strike a ball so well? With the laces. Bang!
The feeling of hitting the ball firmly in the right place and seeing it fly off your foot with power and precision can be incredibly satisfying, almost exhilarating. After all, it requires good technique, timing and coordination. To achieve maximum power and accuracy, a good sense of balance and posture are also required.

Hans-Georg "Katsche" Schwarzenbeck profiled:

Where would you like to sit in the stadium?
The Allianz Arena is a world-class stadium with a lot of great seats. The ‘best‘ seat in the stadium depends on your personal preference: if you prefer an intense experience, you should consider a seat in the lower tier near the pitch. For people who prefer a wider view of the game and the atmosphere of the stadium, the upper tier might be the better choice.

Wolf Wondratscheck wrote in his poem about Schwarzenbeck that he was born for the simple: “It‘s not even wins that matter in the end.”
This is a really beautiful line and it suggests that Schwarzenbeck is a person who values modesty, fighting spirit and hard work more than great awards and achievements.

And what ultimately matters off the pitch?
Many people believe that their relationships with family and friends are the most important thing in their lives and value spending time with these people. For others, the most important thing is to continue learning and growing throughout their lives. And for some, the most important thing is to make a positive impact on the world around them. Ultimately, there is no ‘right’ answer to this question. Every person must ask and answer it differently.

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