Happy Birthday, Franz!

Erlebniswelt visitors offer congratulations

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Some four months ago, Franz Beckenbauer personally opened "Kaiser. Kalle. Bomber.", the special exhibition dedicated to three of FC Bayern’s greatest personalities. However, Beckenbauer could not have known at the time that  FCB Erlebniswelt visitors would congratulate him so warmly and in such numbers. Films conveying birthday greetings, captured at the special exhibition’s Videospot in the last few months, have now been cut together into a single trailer. The FC Bayern Erlebniswelt and all its visitors say: Happy Birthday, Franz Beckenbauer!

Significant signatures

Franz Beckenbauer has signed countless autographs down the years, but his personal signature has been imbued with greater meaning and significance on certain occasions, sometimes associated with intriguing and witty anecdotes as illustrated by these examples. Visit the FC Bayern Erlebniswelt to find out more!