Audi x FC Bayern Women: Show your colors

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Meet the #12teFrau

The FC Bayern Women and their fans continue to captivate increasingly larger audiences with their attitude and athletic performance.

Their partner Audi wants to celebrate and encourage this positive development — by becoming the 12th woman. 

Learn what it can mean to be a 12th woman, who already identifies as one today, and more here. 

A team is made up of more than eleven players. 
We are the 12th woman. 

We are united in our passion and hope for what it yet to come. As a collective, we motivate, inspire, and create change.

Become the 12th woman.

These 12th women are taking the first step in the clip:

  • Leon Goretzka – Player FC Bayern 
  • Josip Stanišić – Player FC Bayern 
  • Matthijs de Ligt – Player FC Bayern 
  • Lina Magull – Player FC Bayern 
  • Glódís Viggósdóttir – Player FC Bayern 
  • Sydney Lohmann – Player FC Bayern 
  • Linda Kurz – Head of Marketing Audi DE
  • Denise Mathieu – Diversity Management Audi
  • Anna-Lena Wein – Trainee Audi
  • Theresa Schneider – Trainee Audi
  • Raphael da Silva Viedl – Trainee Audi
  • Bianca Rech – Sporting Director FC Bayern Frauen
  • Leni Burger – Artist
  • Dirk Schäfer – Bus driver FC Bayern Frauen
  • Tobias Pretsch – Stadium announcer FC Bayern Frauen
  • Alexandra Milchgießer – Kit manager FC Bayern Frauen

Wear your team on your sleeve

Audi commissioned female artists from Munich to work together on a creative project that reinterprets fan tradition in football from a female perspective and inspires with positive statements.

By women for 12th women. 


The result: twelve unique patches in different designs, that were tied together on a unique fan jacket. All patches playfully demonstrate the personal styles and signatures of the creators.

A limited edition of the patches is now available at FC Bayern World in Munich and here.

The proceeds of the campaign will benefit a joint project between Audi and FC Bayern. Eleven girls' teams will have the opportunity to attend one of the eleven FC Bayern Women's home games. The young players will be picked up by bus for this purpose and can cheer on their big female football idols on site at the FCB Campus. The young, female teams must apply individually to take part.


The 12th women behind this creative project are: 

Ayzit Bostan, Leni Burger, Miriam Frank, Miriam Ganser, Rosa Kammermeier, Romina Pilloni, and Kera Till. 

They lend a collective voice to the project with their individual perspectives on FC Bayern football.


Ayzit Bostan

Ayzit is a designer and artist based in Munich. She was very interested in Audi's project with the FC Bayern women because both brands have a very high-end international image.
Her jacket, which she designed especially for the project, is a modern and elegant interpretation of older fan traditions. She based her process on classic fan jackets and fan devotionals. The details of a denim vest aand a fan scarf were transferred and expanded over the course of an Ayzit Bostan intervention into a sleeveless blouson made of a flowing fabric with a dotted and striped scarf that can be buttoned onto and around the jacket. The scarf can be worn like a sleeve by buttoning the ends.

Ayzit is fascinated by the quality and power of the FC Bayern women. Especially their symbolic effect for society in the extensively male-dominated sport is very important in her opinion. It is an important sign for young women and girls to have role models in this area as well.


Leni Burger

Leni is 29 years old and lives in Munich. When she was 12 years old, you could find her at Saebener Strasse, screaming her heart out. Today, she is an annual ticket holder. 

Leni has always known that the twelfth man can be female. Whether it’s on the pitch or in the stadium — women have always been there, been loud, diverse, and colorful! It is important to fight for gender equality in all areas. But in the stadium, female football fans still represent a minority and at the end of the day, sexism simply has no place on the pitch and in the bleachers. This thought is what motivated her to contribute to this project.


Miriam Frank

Miriam Frank is 37 years old and lives in Munich. As part of the #12teFrau project, she looked at the discrepancy between men's and women’s football for the first time and was taken aback by how differently they are perceived. This motivated her to lend her support to the FC Bayern women and hopefully contribute to their visibility.

Miriam's goal was to simply have the female form be the focus in her designs. It was very important to her to first make the connection between football and women. So far, most people associate this sport with men. That needs to change.


Miriam Ganser

Miriam Ganser enjoys making art on walls outside, creating digital graphics, and experimenting with a wide variety of materials. She used to be an 1860 Munich fan. She thought it was too "easy" to be an FC Bayern fan because they usually win. She feels the same way about FC Bayern women as she did about 1860 back in the day. It's much more exciting to watch a development when everything doesn't already seem set in stone.

Miriam is committed to diversity and supports projects like #12teFrau, which focus on equality. She is convinced: color creates identity! Just as color in football unites the most diverse people as fans, it also creates art and manages to make diverse ideas, messages and feelings visible. 


Rosa Kammermeier

Rosa Kammermeier grew up in Lower Bavaria, where practically all the boys around her were FC Bayern fans. Last year, the 31-year-old moved to Berlin after living in Munich for seven years. She misses her regular ’Leberkässemmel’ at the Viktualienmarkt. 

This project allowed her to attend the FC Bayern women's first game at the Allianz Arena and showed her how much more focus needs to be placed on women's soccer.

Both of her patches look to the future of FC Bayern – and it's female!


Romina Pilloni

The 39-year-old Romina is friends with a number of girls who play football for a club in Giesing. As part of her research, she met with them a few times and exchanged ideas. They spoke a lot about the struggles in women’s football, about being a woman, sexism, equal opportunities, fair pay. But also, about the beauty of women’s football, about being with each other instead of against each other, the solidarity among each other. 

As she worked, Romina developed her slogans first, which she discussed in several rounds with the girls. They were allowed to decide what they thought was best. The selected messages then served as the basis for the illustrations. Romina also regularly shared these with the football players. It was very important to her that they felt understood and represented.


Kera Till

Kera Till is 41 years old and a Munich native. One thing she particularly enjoyed about the #12teFrau project was that it's quite uncharted territory in the graphic field. If you look for symbolic images of men’s football, there are endless possibilities. There are hardly any on the subject of women’s football. 

When Kera saw the first FC Bayern women's game in the Allianz Arena, she realized how important it is for the audience to be able to identify with the players. She had been watching men’s football all her life and suddenly she saw women and could identify with them. That's when she realized how important it is that women’s football gets more visibility. This is reflected in her ‘Fussballgöttin’ design. It is Lina Magull, but anyone can identify. For Kera, this is an important message of women’s football. 


AudixFCB #12teFrau Maker Workshop

To celebrate the presentation of the unique AudixFCB fan jacket, Audi and FC Bayern hosted a maker workshop at the flagship store in Munich. 
Players, participating artists, media representatives and key figures of the partnership met there and were able to create their own #12teFrau jackets together using patch sets and materials provided.


”It was a lot of fun to work creatively and try out new things in this way.“— Sydney Lohmann 

"Audi has made a major step with the #12thWoman. This is the way we want the trend in women's soccer to continue. Soccer doesn't necessarily have to be more feminine; it just has to be more diverse." - Lina Magull

"I really like the fan jacket and patches a lot. I can't even decide on a favorite." - Glódís Viggósdóttir


The event was an inspiring opportunity to actively get involved in FC Bayern Women's soccer. 

Stay tuned: On May 28, 2023, Audi will celebrate the end of the Bundesliga season with FC Bayern Women and their fans at the FC Bayern Campus. With live music, food trucks from Munich and special #12teFrau giveaways and promotions. Be there!


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