Zadrazil and Damnjanović deliver the Meisterschale to the FC Bayern Museum

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Two months ago, they held up the longed-for Meisterschale in front of numerous FC Bayern fans on the town hall balcony at Marienplatz. On Thursday, FC Bayern Women's players Sarah Zadrazil and Jovana Damnjanović delivered the trophy to the FC Bayern Museum, where fans can now enjoy gazing at it in a display case. "We're thrilled to have had the honour of bringing the Meisterschale to the FC Bayern Museum. It's a huge succes, not only for us but also for the whole club," said Damnjanović.

FC Bayern Women
Sarah Zadrazil and Jovana Damnjanović with the precious cargo.

After the 11-1 drubbing of Turbine Potsdam on the final Bundesliga matchday of last season, which clinched the championship, the trophy has now found its way into the exhibition. In June, Thomas Müller already delivered the men's counterpart into the museum's hallowed halls. If Sarah Zadrazil has her way, this can gladly become a tradition for FCB Women as well: "I think it's where it belongs. The title reflects the hard work over the whole season and consistently good performances. We want to build on that, keep developing and go for it again. One of our goals is to keep the Schale here in Munich."

Get your tickets now: In October, FCB women celebrate their Bundesliga debut at the Allianz Arena.

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