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Touring exhibition goes USA

'Venerated – Persecuted – Forgotten' in Los Angeles

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'Venerated – Persecuted – Forgotten' has already been shown in Munich, Bavaria and throughout Germany but, of course, the road to the USA has been the longest. Over 9,000 kilometres separates Munich and Los Angeles where the FC Bayern Erlebniswelt touring exhibition has been on display since Tuesday and runs to 30 September 2019. FC Bayern are sending out the message of 'Never again' internationally.

An FC Bayern delegation including chairman of the board Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, board members Andreas Jung and Jörg Wacker plus senior vice-president Professor Dr. Dieter Meyer and deputy vice-president Walter Mennekes, attended the opening at the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust. In front of an invited audience, together with the executive director of the museum Beth Kean, they pointed out the significance of the exhibition that explains the fate of the victims of Nazism at FC Bayern München. The exhibition has been on tour for over three years – from its first stop at the church of reconciliation at the Dachau concentration camp – and it causes people to stop and reflect wherever it goes.

Exhibition outside Europe for the first time

"FC Bayern have the opportunity to explain an important part of our history for the first time in the USA," said Rummenigge as he highlighted the different trends in the early years of the club as well as the open-mindedness of the members. "FC Bayern was cosmopolitan from the start." The chairman of the board told the life story of the Jewish honorary chairman Kurt Landauer, without whom FC Bayern would probably not exist in its current form. "I hope the exhibition, Kurt Landauer's life and today's meeting will help to inspire people to stand up for what they believe," said Rummenigge.

The intention of helping as many people as possible to have access to the subjects of the Holocaust, racism and exclusion has been a success. Interest in the exhibition, with the focus on club members who had to flee for religious or political reasons or were deported, continues undiminished. And now the fact there is interest in the exhibition on the international stage far beyond the German borders speaks for itself.

108 life stories are represented on a world map, the biographies of nine members and officials (including honorary chairman Kurt Landauer) are explained in detail. For the exhibition in LA, the 21 members who emigrated to the USA are centre stage. As with many of these unique biographies, these have been researched in the past few years by the team at the FC Bayern Erlebniswelt.