Baby Accessories by FC Bayern Munich

Baby accessories for the littlest fans of FC Bayern Munich

Adults aren’t the only ones who will find their money’s worth here in the Bayern Munich shop – we’ve got baby accessories to suit even the youngest fans and aspiring football players. From our pacifiers to baby bottles, our range of items for infants and toddlers is perfect for your little ones. Our child-friendly designs cleverly incorporate the official FC Bayern look and logo and are ideal for the road or at home. With our line of baby products, there will be no doubt that even the smallest fans in your life are rooting for the star of the South. So check out our collection of baby accessories and find out how you can turn your little one into a true FC Bayern fan.

Toys for babies bearing the FC Bayern logo

Whether you’re at home or on the road with your little ones, our baby toys are sure to keep them from becoming bored. Your baby will love our pram chains, Berni products and other plush toys. Use our children’s chain, which attaches to your child’s pram, and experience the convenience of our products for soothing an upset child or during teething. Our plush balls are perfect for small children and are designed with their comfort and enjoyment in mind. Our soft baby shoes are great for helping your little one find their first steps – and set them on their way to becoming star players one day. The big FC Bayern logo on the back of the foot ensures that friends and family will all know which team your baby really loves.

Baby accessories for at home or on the go

It’s not all about fun and games when it comes to our baby products either. Our line is also designed with practicality in mind, and parents of up-and-coming fans will be pleased to discover our bottles, sippy cups, scarves and other apparel. We want your child to be comfortable, whether it’s at the game or on holiday, and our specially designed, high quality baby clothing and other products are an ideal fit for your child’s needs no matter where you go. During the quieter hours, pacifiers with the official FC Bayern Munich logo are the perfect thing for soothing and ushering your little ones off to sleep. Whether it’s crawling, cuddling or those first haphazard steps across the living room, we’re here to help by providing you with inspiring FC Bayern items from the cradle to the pitch.