Gloves by FC Bayern Munich

High quality gloves for all purposes and occasions

Keeping your extremities warm and protected during the cooler seasons is paramount for athletes and fans alike, and our range of official FC Bayern gloves are the best way for you to keep your fingers cosy this season. Whether you’re looking to defend the net as your team’s goalkeeper or stay warm while cheering from the stands, FC Bayern’s official line of gloves has the right selection for you. Keep your fingers toasty at the next game, or while shovelling snow off your car. Nobody likes wrapping bare fingers around a cold steering wheel on an icy morning, and now fans of FC Bayern Munich don’t have to. Sporting the unmistakable FC Bayern logo on the backs of the hands, no-one could possibly question which club your sporting loyalties belong to.

Our goalkeeper gloves are great for completing your goalie kit

No position is more important than goalie. When you’re in the goal box, there’s a lot of pressure on you to perform to the best of your ability. Freezing cold hands are easily distracting, and worse still, the numbness makes them vulnerable to injury if they are hit with a fast moving ball. Our wide range of goalie gloves includes a pair of high quality mitts that are guaranteed to keep your hands safe and comfortable, so you can focus on guarding the net. No matter the weather, the game must go on, and thanks to your new pair of goalkeeper gloves, you can rely on the soft yet sturdy latex padding to stop and grip the ball even when it’s wet and freezing. The Velcro wrists ensure flexibility and ease of movement and the FC Bayern logo is always there to remind you that you are a part of FC Bayern and that our club spirit is there to be your inspiration.

Fans of FC Bayern Munich can observe the game in comfort and style

Our supers stylish gloves matching your FC Bayern Scarf are the perfect touch – literally – to your club kit. Fingers are one of the first parts of your body to freeze on those cold days at the stadium and this discomfort can easily turn an enjoyable experience into an unpleasant one. Our gloves will keep your hands warm, no matter the occasion, so you can watch in comfort. Even better; some of our gloves even have special pads on the fingertips for touchscreen mobile devices!