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FC Bayern Munich Ties

Want to look your best? Grab yourself a new tie from FC Bayern Munich

Sooner or later we all find ourselves at more formal occasions or working hard in the office, and when that happens it can really help to be properly outfitted with just the right tie. Here at FC Bayern Munich we know how to dress you up in style. Our range of ties comes in a multitude of colours and styles, suitable for anyone wanting to look a bit more debonair. Whether it’s at the office, at an interview, or simply because you like to keep it classy, an official tie from FC Bayern Munich will always steer you in the right direction. Fans of FC Bayern can display their team pride with our subtle – but still distinct – logo, so there will be no doubt in anyone’s mind as to behind which team you stand.

Look snazzy at every occasion

Our ties come in a number of sizes and styles to suit everyone’s needs. With both traditional wide and slim cut ties, it’s hard to go wrong with our selection. Are you more of a bowtie kind of guy? Our bright red bowtie will give you that perfect sports-fan-James-Bond look that you didn’t know, until right now, you always wanted. Our ties all come in sturdy, high-quality cases that look great as a collection in your wardrobe. Stand out from the crowd at the next dinner party and leave no mistake in anyone’s mind that you’re a true FC Bayern Munich fan. Our tie selection is available in all of the team’s colours, including our home game red, away game grey and even a beautiful chequered blend that boldly features all of our team tones.

Discover yourself looking chic in an FC Bayern Munich tie

Envision yourself standing in front of the mirror, wearing your best outfit. You’ve got your blazer and your fancy FC Bayern trousers and the final touch you need is one of our classy ties. Your FC Bayern outfit can be topped off with just the right accessory – adding just the right amount of colour and flair to your suit. You’re sure to be an eye-catcher at the office, party or any other formal event – and by displaying your team pride, you may also find that your tie serves as an interesting conversation piece. So check out our selection of ties right now, only here in the official FC Bayern Munich store.