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Pocket Umbrella
Pocket Umbrella
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Umbrellas from FC Bayern Munich

Be ready for the rain with your FC Bayern umbrella

When it rains, it pours – but you won’t care when you’re standing dry beneath one of our official FC Bayern Munich umbrellas. Germany isn’t always the driest of countries, and FC Bayern hits the field whether it’s rain or shine. Where FC Bayern goes, our fans go, but we still want you to stay comfortable, dry and above all else – healthy. That’s why you’d do well to grab yourself a highly practical umbrella from the official FC Bayern online store. We have both full-length and pocket-sized umbrellas ready to keep you shielded from the rain. We want you to stay prepared for any weather conditions that may arise, whether it’s during game time or simply during your morning commute to the office.

Stand out from the crowd with one of our official FC Bayern umbrellas

We play hard no matter the weather, but there’s no reason for you to get wet too. FC Bayern needs you focused on the game and cheering for your favourite players. It’s your energy that we need to keep going when the going gets tough. Cold autumn rains are a quick way to dampen spirits and clothes alike, leaving you shivering and uncomfortable. That’s no fun for anyone and that’s what visiting the Allianz Arena and seeing your favourite team play is all about. You’re sure to stand out with one of our umbrellas, featuring the unmistakable logo of FC Bayern Munich that can be easily spotted even on the darkest and rainiest of days.

Stay classy with an umbrella from FC Bayern Munich

Not only are our umbrellas highly practical, they’re also a great way to stand out and be seen for the true FC Bayern fan we know you to be. Our umbrellas are available in both red and grey and the red in particular is sure to outshine all of the other umbrellas bobbing through the streets on a cold, rainy day. We also offer a convenient pocket umbrella that easily fits in your bag or backpack for when those sudden storms creep up on you. Your fandom will not go unseen in either case. With an FC Bayern umbrella, you’ll be inspired and your spirits lifted in a way that even the dreariest weather cannot ruin. Grab your favourite FC Bayern Munich fan and walk together, shielded by your brand-new FC Bayern umbrella.