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Basketball Keychains from FC Bayern Munich

Keep your keys secure with a basketball keychain in the true FC Bayern style

FC Bayern’s basketball keychains are a great way to keep your keys or other small items secure and in one place. How often do you misplace your keys and wander around the house for twenty minutes, making you late for work? It has happened to almost everyone – but now it doesn’t have to. With a new FC Bayern Munich basketball keychain, keeping track of your valuable keys has never been simpler. Our essential basketball lanyard hangs around your neck, keeping your keys, ID card or other small items safe and accessible.

Show off your Bayern pride with a new basketball lanyard

You’ll never lose your keys again when you clip them to your brand-new basketball keychain or lanyard. Show off your love of FC Bayern Munich and display your bright red accessory with the iconic FC Bayern logo. Let there be no mistake in anyone’s mind who you stand behind. Ordering from our online store has never been easier and in just a few minutes you can make your purchase and let our expert staff take care of the rest.

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