FC Bayern Bathroom Accessories

Brighten up your bathroom with FC Bayern’s bathroom accessories

We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms, be it morning or evening, and the bathroom accessories we use play an important role in our lives, both at the beginning of the day as well as the end. FC Bayern Munich offers a wide selection of toiletries and essentials so that you can take care of your daily needs while still keeping FC Bayern close to your heart. When you use an FC Bayern toothbrush, cup or hairbrush in your bathroom, visitors to your home will immediately recognise you for the FC Bayern fan you are. Take a spare toothbrush with you wherever you go – just in case – or leave one at work so you always have a spare when you’re in a rush.

FC Bayern bathroom accessories – daily essentials

Hygiene is important for everyone, and we want our fans to stay happy and healthy while cheering for FC Bayern from the stands. Inspire yourself every day when you get up to go to work or school and get into the football mood just by looking down at your brand-new bath mat. All our bathroom accessories come branded with our classic FC Bayern Munich colours and logo.