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Care set
Care set
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Body Care Products from FC Bayern

Body Care from FC Bayern

Football is a sweaty game, so what could be better than proper body care and a refreshing shower after playing or training your hardest? Why not let FC Bayern become part of your daily morning ritual with some of our shower or shaving gels and let us keep you feeling clean and fresh. Our products are ideal for keeping you looking – and smelling – your best, no matter how rigorous the games get. Keep children happy and clean with our kids’ foaming soaps and bubble bath soaps. Imagine opening your bathroom cabinet every day and seeing that beautiful Bayern red staring back at you. It’s certainly a good way to help shake the fatigue from your eyes and set you on the path towards a successful day.

Care for your body from head to toe with body care products from FC Bayern Munich

Taking care of your entire body is essential – and whether it’s keeping clean with a shower gel or using a deodorant, you want to feel fresh and safe. The ingredients in our body care products are dermatologically tested and selected with great care, so you can rest assured that our products are working for you, not against you. After a shower, you can’t skip your body lotion! We’ve got you covered here as well. Our fresh, fruit-scented soaps are ideal for kids and adults and go a long way towards keeping hands both small and large clean and free of grime. When you’re cheering in the stands at the Allianz Arena on a cold autumn day, it’s easy to end up with chapped lips. Here you’ll discover the panacea to your lip balm needs.

Show off your FC Bayern pride when you buy items from our official store

Our fans are our most valuable asset, and we need you to take care of yourselves. With our line of body care products we believe you’ll be able to do just that. It’s our goal to keep you clean and fresh no matter how dirty things get – and as athletes, we know better than anyone how important good hygiene can be. So take a good look through our collection of bath accessories body care products and discover ways that you can keep on top of your own personal hygiene needs. Placing your order is quick and easy and only takes a couple of minutes. Go discover what’s inside!