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Picnic Blanket
Picnic Blanket
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Bedroom Items from FC Bayern

Everything you need to make your bedroom comfy – from FC Bayern

Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s where you keep your personal items, and it’s the place that you decorate to be your haven from the world. So it makes sense that a true FC Bayern fan should optimise their private space as fully as possible with the spirit of their favourite club and favourite game. We have bedding and blankets for FC Bayern Munich fans of all ages, whether they be children, adults or teens. Lay down your head at night on one of our FC Bayern themed pillows and dream of victories on the field and off. All of our bedroom accessories come boldly displaying the classic FC Bayern colours and the iconic logo.

Rest easy and dream of victory with FC Bayern Munich

Our bedding sets and matching pillowcases make for a fantastic gift for FC Bayern fans of all ages. Adults will enjoy our simple yet classic solid colour or striped duvet covers that turn the bed into an expression of fandom and personal taste. For teens, we offer an edgy, graffiti look that clearly demonstrates their love of the club, but remains comfortable and highly practical. Young children are sure to love our Berni bedding, proudly displaying our beloved mascot, who will watch over them while they sleep, giving them dreams of their favourite players. Our pillows are great for use either on the bed with matching bedding sets, or in the living room as couch pillows. Let our bedroom items inspire you to find a great night’s sleep and a way to keep FC Bayern Munich close to your heart and head.

Ordering from FC Bayern has never been so simple

Add your new bedroom items to your cart now and find out just how fast our checkout process can be. We’ve made it super easy for your convenience and with just a few clicks our expert staff will have your order processed and ready to ship in no time at all. You can be sure that our service is of the highest quality and you can expect your order to arrive at your doorstep quickly and efficiently. There’s nothing more satisfying for us, here at FC Bayern Munich, than fulfilling the dreams of our fans – no matter what their age. With items from our bedroom collection, we hope to inspire you and help you realise your dreams better than ever before.