Party Accessories from FC Bayern Munich

Become the talk of the town with party accessories from FC Bayern

We know that you want to throw the best viewing party – or afterparty – for your friends and family, and to do it right, you’re going to need to stock up on official FC Bayern Munich party accessories. Whether it’s cups, plates or napkins, the decorations and other items that you use to impress and inspire your guests at an FC Bayern party really matter. Rainy day? No problem. Take the party inside and decorate your home with our banners and pennants and make your viewing party one to remember for years to come.

Ordering from the FC Bayern online store has never been easier

With that barbecue right around the corner, we know you’re going to need to resupply your décor with all new, FC Bayern branded items. Our plates, cups and banners all come boldly branded with the iconic FC Bayern logo showing proudly against a backdrop of classic FC Bayern reds. Make your FC Bayern party the talk of the town and invite the whole neighbourhood over for a few sausages and celebrate the victories of FC Bayern Munich.