FC Bayern Munich Beverages

Grab your favourite beverage with an FC Bayern Munich theme

Whether your preferred beverage is coffee, wine, beer or energy drinks – FC Bayern stocks a large selection of beverages to suit the taste buds of every fan. Our fresh coffee and espresso is a great way to wake up in the morning – or enjoy throughout the day. There are few things more aromatic than the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning. Our FC Bayern coffee is suitable for cappuccinos, latte macchiatos or espressos!

Red, white and sparkling wine from FC Bayern Munich

Uncork a bottle of our sparkling wine and celebrate FC Bayern Munich’s victories! There’s so much worth celebrating and, with a bottle of our sparkling wine, you’ll never go without the perfect celebratory beverage again. Try our red or white wines – they pair excellently with just about anything. We even have just the right glasses for you to serve your drinks in. Check out our wine glasses and champagne flutes, engraved with the iconic FC Bayern logo. Our official FC Bayern energy drink is just the drink you need to keep yourself awake, alert and cheering your heart out at the big game.