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Chocolate Coins
Chocolate Coins
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7.95 €
(24.84 €/kg)

Food from FC Bayern Munich

Enliven your taste buds with delicious food from FC Bayern Munich

The FC Bayern online store has really outdone itself this time, and our selection of food items should make that abundantly clear. We’ve got a selection of delectable treats for the FC Bayern fan in need of something tasty. If you like FC Bayern, football and sweets – and let’s face it, who doesn’t? – you’re in exactly the right place! Try out our delicious sports sweets, chocolate coins and more. Our gummi mix is great for fans watching the game at home or at the Allianz Arena, or just for no particular reason at all.

Delicious spices for your next barbecue

Sweets aren’t the only thing that we stock here in the official FC Bayern Munich online fan store. We’ve got an irresistible steak and barbeque spice that’s perfect for adding some zest to your next barbecue with friends and family. Make FC Bayern a part of your palette when you order food from our fan shop. All of our items are of high quality and are sure to help you taste the victories of your favourite teams. Your taste buds are sure to thank you!