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CDs and DVDs from FC Bayern Munich

Relive your favourite moments from the past season’s games with our CDs and DVDs

This past season we had some pretty legendary moments, and we know that as a fan, you want to keep those memories of your favourite team forever. What better way to do that than with our collection of CDs and DVDs? Watch and rewatch our finest plays and goals and relive the moments that made you gasp, cheer and cry tears of joy. Your love and support goes a long way to keeping FC Bayern as great as it is, and we want to reinforce your conviction time and time again with our epic collection of DVDs and Blu-Ray videos.

Learn more about FC Bayern’s past and present

FC Bayern Munich is a team with a long history and a riveting story. We’re offering CDs and DVDs that give you a complete history of the team from its founding to the present. There’s more to our story than just winning games, and knowing the back story of your favourite team is essential for any serious fan of FC Bayern. So take a look at our collection of CDs and DVDs and learn all about FC Bayern, past and present.

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