Magnets by FC Bayern Munich

It’s the little things that count – magnets from FC Bayern

Have you ever seen a refrigerator that didn’t have magnets? Probably not; but that just goes to show that almost everyone can find room for more. The FC Bayern collection of magnets makes a fantastic complement to a larger gift and is sure to put a smile on the face of any fan. These fun little fridge decals are a great way for you to hang photos of your favourite family moments, or scenes from the FC Bayern games you attended. Stick your old – or upcoming – tickets to your refrigerator and be sure not to lose them.

Show your FC Bayern pride to all who visit your home

Magnets are great as both decorations and practical tools for hanging small items. And they’re not only good for the refrigerator either! You can stick your magnets to any metal surface and enjoy the little piece of FC Bayern that now adorns your home or belongings. Our selection displays the classic FC Bayern colours as well as our beloved, iconic logo. A magnet makes a great addition to a larger gift for the ones you love, such as a shirt or other kitchen accessories.