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Silk Pennant Rekordmeister
Silk Pennant Rekordmeister
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FC Bayern Team Pennants

Show your FC Bayern pride with an iconic team pennant

FC Bayern is the most celebrated and successful team in German history and we’ve got the pennants to back it up. Our pennant collection is perfect for displaying your team pride for the entire world to see. Whether it’s in your office or your home, the brilliant red pennants are the perfect way to decorate your surroundings with beautiful FC Bayern Munich memorabilia. We offer banners, buntings and pennants featuring a number of different letterings and emblems, and we’re confident that they’ll look great on your walls or hanging from the ceiling. Our game isn’t just about the extensive skills of our professional players though, it truly lies with the support and indomitable team spirit of our amazing fans that sets FC Bayern above and beyond the competition. Let us help you express that affection with our banners and other decorative items, only available here in the official FC Bayern fan shop.

FC Bayern pennants and banners for every occasion

Our selection of FC Bayern Munich banners and pennants are really great as decorations at a party or other FC Bayern-themed event. Whether it’s the birthday of a big FC Bayern fan or perhaps even a viewing party with your friends and family, you can dress your home or other venue up like never before. We haven’t forgotten about our basketball fans either. We offer silk FC Bayern basketball pennants for those more inclined to the court than the field. All of our items are made from high-quality materials and with great craftsmanship, so you know you shouldn’t have to worry about the colours fading or the tassels and fringe fraying. Order your FC Bayern pennants now and demonstrate your love for your favourite football team.

Ordering online from our store has never been easier

When you order from the FC Bayern Munich online store, you know that you’re going to get excellent service and speedy delivery. With just a few clicks of the mouse, your order can be placed and submitted with ease. We pride ourselves on only providing you, the fans, with great products and we sincerely think that you won’t be disappointed. Take a look through our selection of beautiful banners and dress up your home or workplace for the next big game. Rally your friends, and inspire yourself and your compatriots with pennants and banners from FC Bayern Munich. Mia san mia!