Posters of FC Bayern Munich

Decorate your home or offices with posters by FC Bayern

What better way could there possibly be to show off your support for your favourite football club or idols than with posters from FC Bayern? We offer a wide selection of not only player posters but also images of the Allianz Arena, so you can take the spirit of the game home with you. Our posters are ideal for hanging on the walls of your bedroom or office and are a great way to demonstrate to all visitors just how much you love your team. Our fans are as much a part of the club as our players, and without your undying support we couldn’t do what we do. Take us home with you and let images of FC Bayern Munich adorn your walls and inspire you to greatness, whether you’re a fan or a player yourself.

Order a poster featuring your favourite player

Whether you favour Müller, Vidal or Alaba, we’ve got these and more in our online fan shop. Grab your favourite and make sure to inspire yourself or the young players in your life. Our player posters are quite large, measuring in total 61x91 cm, a sufficient amount for covering those large bare spots in your bedroom. All of our player posters feature both a portrait print as well as the player’s name and naturally displays the iconic FC Bayern Munich logo and lettering. Can’t decide which player poster you want the most? That’s okay, we know that it’s a pretty tough decision to make. That’s why we’re also proud to present you with our 2016/2017 team poster that displays our entire roster as well as our fantastic coaches.

Beautiful posters from the FC Bayern fan store

In addition to our team posters, we also feature some beautiful shots of the Allianz Arena, one of the most inspiring and modern stadiums on earth. Our beautiful home shines brightly, encouraging and welcoming our biggest fans with open doors. Remind yourself of the spectacular experiences you’ve had at the stadium watching us play every time you look at the beautiful home game red glowing in the night. Ordering from the FC Bayern online store is super-quick and simple. With just a few clicks you can add your new posters to your shopping cart. Checkout is fast and you can expect your purchase to arrive promptly.