FC Bayern Pet Accessories

Pet accessories available only in the FC Bayern Munich store

We know your love of FC Bayern Munich knows no bounds, and now you can extend that love to your pet with pet accessories in the FC Bayern Munich theme. Your dog can become an FC Bayern fan as well when you dress them up in one of our many adorable Bayern collars or other accessories. Our stylish collars are suitable for dogs of all shapes and sizes and are sure to demonstrate your love of the club, as well as theirs! Every time you go out to walk your favourite furry friend you’ll be able to show everyone you pass just how much you love our team. Our dog collars are fully branded with the FC Bayern logo or mia san mia lettering for that classic look. The traditional Bayern reds make our pet accessories both stylish and an expression of your love of the team.

Man’s best friend becomes FC Bayern’s best friend

Your pets mean a lot to you, and so do ours. No matter how big or small your dog is you’re bound to find just the right pet accessory for their size and breed. For bigger dogs, we supply a larger, stronger collar that can withstand your powerful animal. Smaller dogs will look elegant and classy with one of our small collars. When you’re out walking your four-legged friend, use our official FC Bayern Munich leash and ensure that everyone knows that this decorated dog is yours, and that your love of FC Bayern is reflected for all to see.

Order your FC Bayern pet accessories from the official FC Bayern store

Our high-quality items are made with excellent care and craftsmanship, and that quality shines through with every single one of our products. Your new pet accessories are durable, comfortable for your pets, and sure to withstand the test of time – lasting for years. The buckles on our collars are simple to use and easy to affix a leash to, so no one should have a hard time getting their precious pup ready for a walk or a run. We also offer a lovely dog bowl for feeding your pets, so your animals can eat with you! Our bowl fully displays our classic logo so everyone who visits your home will know exactly which team your dog loves most. So curl up with your pet and watch the game from the comfort of your couch while they display their own collection of FC Bayern apparel!