Stickers from FC Bayern Munich

Decorate your life with FC Bayern Munich stickers

If you’re looking for a new way to decorate your home, office or personal effects, a set of special FC Bayern Munich stickers is a great way to personalise your space or belongings. Stickers can go anywhere, and when you order a set from the FC Bayern fan store, we know they’ll go everywhere. Keeping an FC Bayern themed scrapbook? Use a selection of our lovely FC Bayern stickers to dress up your personal diary. Our aesthetically pleasing stickers come in a range of sizes and shapes. Order an entire sticker sheet and discover a variety of different images, ready to be stuck to anything and everything.

Keep it simple – Mia san mia!

Sometimes, the simplest things make the biggest impact. Our mia san mia stickers are minimalistic, yet inspiring in their simplicity. Able to be placed anywhere, you can keep our slogan close to your heart and mind. It reminds us that we are one team, together, and that you’re a part of that spirit too. Inspire yourself every time you read the lettering and remember the amazing games that you’ve attended at the Allianz Arena with your friends and family. Are you a fan of Berni, our loveable mascot? Then you’ll love our Berni sticker sheets. Fantastic for decorating a child’s school notebook or other items, our highly adhesive stickers won’t rub off easily with use. Dress up your belongings with thoughts of your idols and keep your head in the game, always.

Ordering your FC Bayern stickers has never been quicker or easier

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a minimalist or someone looking for something a bit flashier, we’ve got a sticker set for everyone. If you’re into the 3D look, we have some beautiful choices that are quite eye-popping. We know that our fans are always looking for more ways to support the team and demonstrate their love of FC Bayern Munich. An FC Bayern Munich sticker can turn even the most mundane objects into expressions of your love for the team. Add stickers to your bag, books, hats or just about anything you can think of. Our stickers are weatherproof and durable, so you can even use them on outdoor items such as bicycles or luggage. Get creative – FC Bayern stickers can be placed virtually anywhere.