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Children's Cup Berni
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Children's Cup Berni
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Berni – The FC Bayern Munich Mascot

Let our mascot, Berni, inspire and delight you

Everyone loves our adorable mascot Berni. Both adults and kids have been inspired by his presence at every game for ages. Dressed like our players, fun-loving Berni is a classic symbol of FC Bayern Munich and is an absolutely essential part of any fan’s collection. Our selection of mascot items comes in a wide range of styles and forms including as a traditional stuffed bear, on a blanket and in both tiny and huge sizes. No matter what your age, if you’re a true fan of FC Bayern, you can hardly go without a Berni toy as part of your collection. We also offer Berni toys with a number of different functions including as a music box, a heating pad and a keyring pendant, so not only can you make him part of your collection, you can find practical uses as well!

The ideal gift for the perfect fan of FC Bayern

No matter what your age, Berni is as much a part of our team as our star players are. With his red home jersey that matches our own, and his iconic FC Bayern Munich logo stitched onto his foot or belly, Berni is immediately identifiable as part of one of the greatest football clubs on earth. Cuddly Berni toys are a huge hit with our younger fans, who are always looking for ways to show off their own love of the team, and enjoy taking the spirit of FC Bayern Munich wherever they go. Check out our selection of themed Berni toys that includes traditional lederhosen as well as holiday styles.

Ordering your Berni has never been quicker or easier

When you shop here in the FC Bayern Munich fan store, you’re not just buying a run of the mill product – you’re buying quality craftsmanship and excellent service. Our staff are standing by to process and ship your order as quickly as it comes in, ensuring that your new Berni arrives at your door as quickly as possible. If you’re a big fan of our cuddly mascot, he’s also available adorning many of our other products, such as our mugs and other items for both children and adults. Place your order now and say hello to your brand new Berni. Mia san mia!