FC Bayern Munich Fun & Games

Entertainment for the big and the small fans

Football in the Bundesliga has a break during the summer month, so you can’t have your weekend in the stadium cheering for your favourite team. Don’t despair, there is a lot of fun and games you can take along during the summer vacation or at home to bridge the match-less times. You should get on the lawn yourself with one of our many professional branded footballs and try to copy the moves of the FC Bayern Munich superstars. Here you will also find a smaller version of the footballs for the kids who want to be a professional player one day. Should your ball deflate because you have worked it so hard, there is a handy little ball pump to inflate it back to spec. For your powerful shot at the goal you need just this little bit of luck to hit the net, so why not get a lucky charm. The mascot of FC Bayern, Berni the little bear, is available in many variations.

Games for indoor and outdoor by FC Bayern Munich

Some days the weather turns your football field into a swamp, but you still can play games branded with the FC Bayern Munich logo. Playing cards, dice and board games are available for a games night with your friends. For the puzzling people there is a 1000 piece puzzle of the current team of FC Bayern available. Show your allegiance to your favourite club on your beach holiday as well. In the fun & games section of our fan shop you will find a Frisbee, a beach ball set and a set of sand shovel and bucket for the little ones. For the real fun even after the match: visit the fun & games section in the FC Bayern Munich fan shop!