Fly the Flag of FC Bayern Munich

Let your team spirit soar with FC Bayern’s collection of flags

Could there possibly be a more effective way to shout your love of FC Bayern Munich to the world than with one of our flags? Now you can proudly display your allegiance to the team with one of our glorious FC Bayern flags! Our selection of banners includes a huge range of sizes and shapes so you can find the right heraldry for the right occasion. We have everything from small car flags for celebrating the big game to enormous four-metre banners that are impossible to miss. And lest you think we’ve forgotten about out FC Bayern basketball fans, we most certainly have not! We offer flags for fans of FC Bayern basketball as well as a number of generic Munich and FC Bayern banners that can easily be flown by fans of football, basketball or both.

A wide display of styles to suit your preferences

Your pride is our priority, and here at FC Bayern we know that you’re always looking for more ways to demonstrate your love of the team. Our flags and banners are the perfect way to adorn your home, bedroom or office and can even be brought along to the game. Our players love looking up high into the stands and seeing FC Bayern flags being held high and proud for all to see. Your team spirit inspires us all to perform our best and the fervour that is whipped up at the Allianz Arena, and indeed wherever we play, is made all the stronger with the presence of our colours inciting support for FC Bayern Munich.

We have flags of every size and in numerous designs

All of our flags naturally bear the standards of FC Bayern, but each comes with a slightly different design. Furthermore, there is no shortage of size options, so you can choose smaller banners for your car or bedroom, as well as enormous flags that can be seen from hundreds of metres away. The only way you could make an FC Bayern Munich flag more visible is if you flew one from behind an airplane. While we don’t carry anything quite that big, our four-metre banner is still enormous and perfectly suited to demonstrating your passion for your favourite football team. Place your order now and begin celebrating your club with the fervour and pride we know you to possess.