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Seat Cushion UCL
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Seat Cushion UCL
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Pillows from FC Bayern Munich

Get comfy with a cushion in your favourite FC Bayern style

When it comes to our selection of FC Bayern Munich pillows, your comfort is our top priority. We have a number of pillows in numerous styles and designs to suit the preferences of any fan. Whether it’s a pillow for the bed or couch, or something to sit on at the next game, we’ve got you covered. Now you can literally rest easy while dreaming of your favourite team tearing up the field. Our pillows are plush and comfortable and designed to help you get a good night’s sleep or provide for a satisfying afternoon nap. Whatever your bedding needs may be, you’re sure to find something to suit your style and preference right here.

We have pillows for comfort, display or practicality

While we think our pillows are quite comfortable, sometimes you need something special for watching the game. Our FC Bayern cushions are the perfect thing to take to the Allianz Arena when you come to watch us play. Football season isn’t always the warmest time of the year here in Munich and we really want to make sure that you stay comfortable throughout the game. Now you can do so easily with a cushion that keeps you up and off of the cold, hard seats of the stands. Take our cushions on flights or use them on your dining room chairs and offer your family or guests the comfort they need, while subtly reminding them that yours is an FC Bayern Munich household.

Rest easy with an FC Bayern pillow of your own

Our wide selection of accessories as well as pillows and cushions is ideal for adding a bit of additional comfort to your home or office. One can never truly have enough pillows and with our practical yet comfortable designs and materials you’re sure to enjoy the good night’s sleep you deserve. When you return home from watching one of our games at the stadium or come home from your own training or game, it’s always nice to be able to put your feet up and your head down on an official FC Bayern pillow. Ordering is fast and simple and you can rest assured that your purchase will arrive at your door with the utmost expedience. So take a look through our collection now and discover just the right cushion for adorning your home or bedroom.