adidas Sweatshirt

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Whether you’re on the field or in the stands, it’s good to keep the edge off when things get chilly and one of our stylish and comfortable adidas sweatshirts is the perfect way to do so. Fans of FC Bayern München are always the most noticeable when bearing the standard of their favourite team – wearing proudly the colours of our club. The fervour felt on the playing field by the players when their fans are cheering ravenously, high above in the stadium, enlivens them to greater heights, lifts their spirits and gives them the support they need during the toughest moments of the game. You can be the fan that FC Bayern’s players need to succeed and our official line of adidas sweatshirts is one way that you can do so.

Order your adidas sweatshirt and show your support for the club

Our sweatshirts come in a wide range of colours and designs, and are suitable for both adults and children. Our children’s lines are perfect for gym clothing during cooler weather, sports practice, or simply wearing casually. Anywhere your child goes; he or she will be unmistakable as an FC Bayern München fan and will be excited to show off their tenacious team spirit. Co-ordinate with your kid with a sweatshirt of your own. Our sweatshirts come in sizes for just about everybody and are available in our home-game red, away-game grey and our Champions League white, so you can equip yourself for the game no matter where you are or where we’re playing. All of our adidas sweatshirts are designed to be flexible and designed to optimise your range of motion.

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adidas is easily one of the top names in athletic sportswear worldwide. So it should go without saying that our FCB sweatshirts are made of only the finest fabrics and sewn with the greatest craftsmanship. Looking to team your new sweatshirt with a matching pair of sweatpants? Check out our line of adidas sweatpants or keep your hands warm with our FC Bayern München adidas gloves. Whatever your style, we’ve got the right apparel to suit your needs. Take a moment and envision yourself in one of these beautiful adidas sweatshirts, cheering from the stands or tearing up the field.