adidas Goalkeeper jersey

Unique as the number 1: adidas Goalkeeper jersey

At game time the goalkeeper can be the most valuable player on the team. After all, goalies do tend to display the number 1 on their jerseys. The goalkeeper’s attire keeps him easily distinguishable from the crowd allowing both teammates and fans alike to recognise and cheer for their champion defender. The goalie is the last one standing between the opposition and a goal, so it makes sense that they should be optimised for maximum performance. The adidas goalkeeper jersey line can provide goalkeepers with the comfort and edge needed to really stay ahead.

Equip with the adidas Goalkeeper collection

This collection comes complete with an array of items to outfit yourself or maximum performance and style. The adidas goalkeeper jersey collection includes FC Bayern München branded socks and shorts so you can improve your performance with the ergonomics and flexibility needed to make the difference. Top off your goalkeeping gear with a pair of adidas goalkeeper gloves and improve your grip for those split-second dives. When the fate of the game is at stake, few things could be more important than providing the last line of defence with the absolute highest quality and highest performance athletic gear around. Ensuring that you are properly prepared means guaranteeing that you are outfitted with only the best that sportswear has to offer and FC Bayern and adidas are here to deliver. The adidas goalkeeping jersey offers the comfort, edge and club spirit needed to be the ultimate protector of the nets. adidas gear offers performance enhancing technology designed to wick sweat away from the body, pad the places most in need of protection and ensure dynamic agility and player precision. The goalie set comes in all sizes, so even the youngest fans and players can deck themselves out in the standard of their idols.

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Serious players demand serious gear and when it comes to maximal performance at game time, nothing helps you suit up for a match better than clothing that is as prepped for the win as you are. When you take to the field in the adidas goalkeeper jersey set, you’ll do so in comfort knowing that your gear is properly fit for flexibility and comfort for even the most intense plays and manoeuvers.