adidas Kids’ Jerseys

For young fans: official FC Bayern München adidas mini kit

Adults aren’t the only ones who can enjoy FCB’s official jerseys – kids can too. Children are eager to show off just how much they love their favourite teams and the adidas kids’ jersey line is one way for them to do just that. Even sizes for infants and toddlers are available here in the official fan shop. Help your child to complete her or his seasonal collection with the complete kits. Kits consist of the adidas kids’ jersey and matching trousers, all available right here in the online store. Whether FC Bayern is playing at home at Allianz Arena or playing an away game, children can be prepared to cheer for their club at any venue. Have an aspiring goalie in your life? Check out the goalkeeper jersey and help them to follow in the footsteps of Manuel Neuer. Kids’ gear is of the same high quality as adult gear and is made to all of the high standards expected of the adidas name.

For stadium or staying at home: Adidas kids’ jerseys

The smallest children can be some of the biggest fans – cheering with passion and support for their teams. Whether playing on the field in their own league or visiting the stadium to cheer for their favourite players, adidas kids’ jerseys are the finishing touch for children with their hearts in the game. Kids shirts are identical to those worn by the stars in design and functionality – the size is the only difference. adidas kids’ jerseys proudly display the FC Bayern München and adidas logos and have the FCB slogan “mia san mia” – we are who we are – scrawled across the neck. With jerseys for home or away games as well as the Champions League, there is style and colour available to everyone’s taste. adidas kids’ jerseys come in FC Bayern’s standard red, stylish grey with orange highlights or white. The matching kids’ adidas pants come with classic adidas stripes and are ideal for leisure, sport or physical education in school.

Become part of the team with adidas kids’ jerseys

Here in the online shop you have many options with which to outfit the young fans in your life. Many kids have a favourite player whom they wish to emulate. Now they can do so when you add the name of their idol on the back of their favourite new shirt. This wide range of personalisation and customisation allows you to really prepare your young Bayern München fan for any game, anywhere. With just a few clicks, you can order your adidas kids jersey right here in the online shop, choose your own style and colour preferences and have your purchase shipped straight to your door.

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