How many stars are on the FC Bayern Munich jersey?

As the only club FC Bayern Munich can wear five stars on its jersey. While there have been four stars since the championship in 2008, the fifth was added after the 30th championship in 2021. The five stars above the badge are not only visible on the FC Bayern Home Jersey,  further merchandising articles with five stars are now available in the official FC Baern Munich Store.

Fünfter star on the FC Bayern jersey

Star regulation for Bundesliga championship titles

No other club wears as many stars on the chest as FC Bayern Munich. The awarding of the stars is regulated in Paragraph 28 of the DFL's Guideline for Matchwear and Equipment. Accordingly, the following measures apply to the clubs:

  • From three championship titles won: one star;
  • From five championship titles won: two stars;
  • From ten championship titles won: three stars;
  • From twenty championship titles won: four stars; 
  • From thirty championship titles won: five stars.

Currently no club wears four or three stars. With at least two stars cthe teams of Borussia Mönchengladbach and Borussia Dortmund can come up.

Counted here are only the championship titles from 1963. The fact that the Bavarians were already in the season 1931/1932 for the first time German champion, is not taken into account in this calculation, because the Bundesliga at that time did not yet exist.  

When did Bayern get the 5th star on the badge?

In its earlier version, the guideline for Matchwear and Equipment did not provide a rule for the fifth star. However, due in particular to FC Bayern's sensational success, the guideline has since been adapted and a further point has been added to §28: "From three championship titles won: five stars". Bayern Munich was now able to break this record with the championship in the 20/21 season, so that FCB can wear the fifth star on its jersey for the first time in the 21/22 season.